Meet William Ostrander.


I’m running for the 24th Congressional District seat because, like you, I believe our government is being bought by billionaires and special interests. We no longer can sit on the sideline and hope things will change. It’s up to us to assert our democratic prerogative. That is my mission, but I’ll need your help to represent your voice.  I can promise you that if you elect me to challenge the system, it will be with No Strings Attached to special interests or wealthy benefactors.      

  -William Ostrander



Imagine Politics with

No Strings Attached.


 There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active part of the democracy yourself.  We are currently looking for help  to make phone calls, display a yard signs, distribute literature, host a “Meet and Greet” or fundraising house party, and raise money.

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I work hard to remove the corruptive influence of money from politics.  Until we are successful, we still need funds to run our campaign.  We depend entirely on voters like you.  Your help is what makes this campaign possible.

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